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Don’t be the Plumber that Leaves Stains, Use Weld-On® Stain-Free Plumber’s Putty

Stain Free PuttyCollierville, Tenn., December 27, 2018 – IPS® Corporation, the inventor of solvent cements, primers and cleaners for PVC, CPVC, and ABS piping systems, announces the availability of WELD-ON® STAIN-FREE PLUMBER’S PUTTY. Soft-Seal Stain-Free Plumber’s Putty will not stain stone like conventional plumber’s putty, which makes it ideal for granite, marble, stone quartz and fiberglass.

Soft-Seal Stain-Free Plumber’s Putty is available in two sizes: 14oz (item # 80111), and 3lb (item # 80112).

Soft Seal plumber’s putty, both stain-free and regular plumber’s putty are formulated to make a perfect water-tight seal around faucets and drains while remaining permanently soft, malleable and flexible. Both formulas will not harden, shrink crack or crumble. All Soft-Seal Plumber’s Putty meets federal specification TT-P-1536A.

Please contact your Weld-On Representative or Distributor for more information.

For full product details and to view Weld-On’s full line of pipe sealants visit:

IPS Corporation Expands the AB&A Offering to Include One-Piece Flexible Kits and Direct Drain Waste & Overflow


Collierville, Tenn., Nov 27, 2018 —IPS® Corporation, the trusted leader in innovative plumbing solutions, announces the addition of the one-piece flexible waste & overflow with direct drain as well as direct drain half kits to the AB&A™ line.

The new one-piece assembly is available in multiple pipe lengths to fit any tub, and ships preassembled with no trimming required for a faster, easier installation. The direct drain configuration is ideal for use in installations where baths are installed back to back, such as apartments, hotels and condominiums. The direct drain tee is offered in one-piece flex full kits, a variety of half kits, and separately as an accessory.

“The new flexible one-piece kit gives installers the confidence they will complete the job right the first time.” said Ken Smithart, AB&A product manager. “Our focus remains to provide the best products to contractors to help them do a better job, faster.”

Both new products are available with the Classic high-flow overflow cover plate, the preferred choice of contractors. Classic’s slotted design provides greater drainage through the tub overflow, allowing water to drain from the overflow at twice the rate of most commercially available overflows. As always with Classic, installers can easily secure the overflow elbow, gasket, and cover plate to the tub without the use of a screwdriver or screws and a test kit is included in every rough-in, half, or full kit.

Please visit or call Customer Service at 800-888-8312 for more information on this product.

IPS Corporation announces the addition of Offset Closet Flanges with Knockouts

Collierville, Tenn., October 15, 2018 — IPS Corporation is proud to announce the addition of Offset Closet Flanges with Knockouts. These new additions offer the same form, features, and functions of our legacy Offset flanges, but give contractors the ability to test the system without additional tools. Its easy-to-remove knockout will not fall down the drain.

Information about these new products can be found at IPS Corporation’s website at