W1 Medium Bodied Transition Cement

W1 Medium Bodied Transition Cement


Product Description and Uses:

Schwartz W1 Transition Cement is used for bonding ABS - PVC Transition joints for non-pressure components.


CSA certified for PVC-ABS Transition Joints non-pressure applications.

Canada Green Building Council - Leed Compliant

IPS Part # Container Description Model # Case Qty CA Size US Size
19034 Metal, Flat Top W1 500 12 473 ml Pint
Physical Properties:  
Density: 0.910 – 0.930 g/ml
Weight Solids: 14.5 - 17%
Flashpoint: - 17°C
Viscosity: NA
Lap Shear: 600 psi (4.1 MPa) at 72 hrs per ASTM D 3138
Appearance: White liquid
Shelf Life: 3 years unopened
Suggested Uses: For ABS to PVC for transition joints for non-pressure applications.
Application Tools: Dauber or brush.
Clean-up Solvent: VC100
Pot Life: NA

Material Safety and Technical Data Sheets for Download


TDS-10W1 - W1 Medium Bodied Transition Cement (pdf)


SDS-10W1 - W1 Medium Bodied Transition Cement (pdf)
SDS 10W1 - Colle à solvant pour transition W1 d'Épaisseur Moyenne - 10W1 (pdf - French)

Set Times:

Handle newly assembled joints carefully until cement has gone through its set period.

Recommended set time is temperature dependent:
- Minimum 30 minutes at 15ºC to 38ºC
- Minimum 1 hour at 7ºC to 15ºC
- Minimum 2 hours at 0ºC to 4ºC

Cure Times:
  Test Pressures For Pipe Sizes 1⁄2" to 1-1⁄4" Test Pressures For Pipe Sizes 1-1⁄2" to 3" Test Pressures For Pipe Sizes 3-1⁄2" to 8"
Temperature Range During Cure Period Up to 180 psi Above 180 to 370 psi Up To 180 psi Above 180 To 315 psi Up To 180 psi Above 180 To 315 psi
15°C - 38°C 1 hr. 6 hr 2 hr. 12 hr. 8 hr. 24 hr.
4°C - 15°C 2 hr. 12 hr. 4 hr. 24 hr. 16 hr. 48 hr.


Store indoor at room temperature, away from heat, ignition sources, open flames and direct sunlight.


Avoid open flames, turn off all pilot lights, ensure that work area is properly ventilated.

Soiled rags and waste products may contain combustible liquids or vapours and SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST, dispose in accordance with local regulations.

Refer to SDS for information on safe use of this product.

Plumbing Product Selector Table

Plumbing Product Selector Table

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