810™ White Repair and Fabrication Adhesive


  • Two-component, high-strength, low-VOC reactive adhesive for PVC, CPVC, and other dissimilar materials (acrylic, clay, Styrene, fiberglass reinforced polyester, and concrete)
  • Product can withstand very high pressure and is high impact-resistant
  • Great for repairing cracks or leaky pipe valves and fittings
  • Excellent gap-filling property which is ideal for fabricating fittings and joining saddles to pipe
  • Good for bonding large diameter PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings
  • Available in white
Product Description Product # Model # Cubic Feet/Case Units/Case Lbs./Case
4 Oz. Plastic Jar with Screw-on Cap 10813 107640451 0.29 6 3
Pint Plastic Jar with Screw-on Cap 10812 107640441 0.42 4 6
Quart Plastic Jar with Screw-on Cap 10811 107640431 0.78 4 11
Gallon Plastic Jar with Screw-on Cap 10810 107640421 1.21 4 41

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