Repair Closet Flange

Product Description

The new Water-Tite Repair Closet Flange dramatically reduces repair time and effort by eliminating removal of the original 4″x 3″ flange hub. Simply cut the damaged flange flush with the floor and insert the repair flange into the existing hub. The unique rubber gasket ensures a tight fit while metal clips embed into the old hub for holding strength and stability.


  • No chiseling, cutting or drilling to remove existing flange hub
  • Eliminates risk of debris falling down drain line from removal of old hub
  • Unique metal clips secure the repair flange with existing 4"x 3" hub or pipe
  • Rubber gasket creates a water tight seal
  • Models allow flush installation inside 3" hub, 3" pipe or 4" pipe
  • For residential and commercial applications
  • U.S. Patent No. 9,068,678 and 9,422,704
  • California Residents: WARNING –
Product Description Model # Product Code Units/ Case Lbs./ Case
Repair Closet Flange – 3″ Hub 4846 86251 5 7
Repair Closet Flange – 3″ Inside Pipe 4847 86250 5 7
Repair Closet Flange – 4″ Inside Pipe 4845 86252 5 7

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