Fire-Rated Recessed Box


  • Warnock Hersey Certified
  • 1 and 2 Hour Rating
  • Made of High Temperature Resin
  • Intumescent Pad attached to the back of the outlet box
  • California Residents: WARNING –

Studor offers a Fire Rated AAV Recessed Box and grill ideal suited for in wall installations of the Mini Vent, and Redi Vent. Whether on individual fixtures or circuit installations it may be impractical or not possible to conceal the valve in an existing cabinet. In such installations and when concealment is desirable, the Studor Fire Rated Recessed box provides a safe as well as esthetically pleasing solution while providing code required accessibility to the valve. The box can also be used as the termination point for an open pipe side wall vent as an alternative to venting through the roof.

Product Description Product Code # Units/Case Lbs./Case
Fire-rated Air Admittance Valve Outlet Box, 1 1/2″ female adaptor included 82456* 5 11

*82456 is a Category 5 product.

For general planning and installation, we recommend the use of the information contained on the specification sheet for the Fire Rated Recessed Box. The information is based on national standards, plumbing codes and the Hunter curve.