Mitigates trap seal loss due to evaporation
Prevents harmful sewer gases from entering building
Protects against entry of vermin into habitable spaces
Sealing rings on the outer edge of the Trap-Tite will keep device in place for the life of the product while the inner flaps will open when liquids pour down the drain
ASSE 1072 rated AF-GW
Rated for grease-laden waste applications
California Residents:
  Product Description Model # Product Code Units/ Case Lbs./ Case
upc.gif 2" Trap-Tite Floor Drain Trap Seal TT2 69420 24 0.83
upc.gif 3" Trap-Tite Floor Drain Trap Seal TT3 69430 24 2.06
upc.gif 3.5" Trap-Tite Floor Drain Trap Seal TT35 69435 24 2.92
upc.gif 4" Trap-Tite Floor Drain Trap Seal TT4 69440 24 3.41

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