This is used as a descriptive label when displaying this form element.
Enter a machine readable key for this form element. May contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores. This key will be used as the name attribute of the form element. This value has no effect on the way data is saved, but may be helpful if doing custom form processing.
The default value of the field.
A short description of the field used as help for the user when he/she uses the form.
Check this option if the user must enter a value.
Width of the textarea in columns. This property might not have a visual impact depending on the CSS of your site. Leaving blank will use the default size.
Height of the textarea in rows. Leaving blank will use the default size.
Make this field resizable by the user.
Do not display the label of this component.
Make this field non-editable. Useful for setting an unchangeable default value.
Private fields are shown only to users with results access.
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