Environmental Responsibility

Environmental ResponsibilityEnvironmental Responsibility

IPS® Corporation believes in sustainability. Sustainability means not only reducing the impact products have on the environment, but also improving product durability to reduce maintenance needs and costs.

This focus on sustainability has driven IPS Corporation to be an innovator of environmentally-responsible products.



In 1992, Weld-On®, the world leader in solvent cements for plastic piping, was the first to develop Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products for the plastic piping industry. In 2009, Weld-On became the first and only manufacturer whose entire line of cements and primers converted all of its products to Low VOC formats.

All Low VOC, All the time.Today all Weld-On solvent cements, primers and cleaners meet the requirements for Low VOC emission limits established by the California South Coast Air Quality Management District, one of the nation's strictest air quality regulatory bodies.

In addition, Weld-On products are LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Compliant and are applicable for LEED credit. The LEED Project was developed by the US Green Building Council as a certification system which helps to determine whether or not a building project is green.

Find more information about these Low VOC products here.



STUDOR, INC is the distributor of the STUDOR® brand of Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) for the plumbing industry in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. When Sture Ericson invented the first Studor Air Admittance Valves in the 1970s, he was inventing AAV technology itself. His design offered an ingenious alternative to traditional drainage waste and vent systems, and begged the question–why go through the roof with an open vent system, if you can keep the system inside, and keep it much simpler? Today, the first name in AAVs remains the world's only specialized AAV manufacturer, with millions of Studor vents installed throughout North America.

As this technology is implemented on a worldwide scale, Studor Air Admittance Values will make a growing contribution to the environment. The installation of many millions of units will help reduce use of construction materials and help protect air quality by restricting sewer gases to sewer systems.

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